Progressive Trail Design just wrapped up construction on Phase One of the Oak Ridge Trails at the University of Arkansas — the first bike optimized trail system for state’s flagship university — making it one of the nation’s only southern universities to include on-campus mountain biking. Thanks to a Walton Family Foundation grant, PTD built and updated system of paths including decomposed granite trails, singletrack trails, gateway trails, treated wood steps, and flagstone trailheads.

It’s exciting to see this natural hillside on campus getting an update that will improve the experience of all users. Whether you’re walking to class, going for a jog, or finding flow on a mountain bike, you’ll enjoy the reimagined Oak Ridge.

Eric BolesDirector of the U of A Office for Sustainability

We caught a few photos of the build process along the way, and we can’t wait to capture its usage as the spring semester moves into full swing. Enjoy, and check back for updates!

All photos by Taylor Piva Photography 

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