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PTD offers design/build services for any type of soft-surface trail conceivable. We offer everything from hand-built singletrack to machine-built crushed stone hiking trails. Trail features range from artistic stone work to timber framed bridges. Our primary goal is to present our clients with an unparalleled user experience and the security in knowing the job is done right.

Our trail services are broken into two different categories: Soft Surface Trail & Mountain Bike Trail.

Soft Surface Trail

Services-SSTrailNatural Surface Trail

Natural surface trail is simply any type of trail that utilizes the native mineral soil as the final surface of the trail. It is a full “bench-cut” trail that follows the contours of the terrian, typically with mellow grades. This trail designation encompasses a wide range of types of trail for a wide range of user groups. It typically ranges from 18″ wide singletrack to 5′ wide doubletrack, depending on type of use. User groups include: Hikers, Mountain Bikers, & Equestrian.

Services-CSTrailCrushed Stone Trail

A Crushed Stone Trail is a trail with a crushed stone surface, such as, decomposed granite. It is an all-weather trail that has a high level of finish and is free of obstacles. This type of trail is often used at museums, botanical gardens, or other high profile faciliteis. It is a great substitute for concrete or asphalt trail, because it is more aesthetically appealing. It is also an ideal surface for ADA trail. Typical users include trail runners, hikers, people with disabilites and equine.

Services-OHVtrailMoto/ATV Trail

This type of trail is purpose-built for dirtbikes and all terrian vehicles. Due to the high speeds and high impact, this type of trail is built much differently than most soft-surface trails. It is typically 5-6′ wide, has steeper grades and more technical rocky sections when possible. The tread of the trail itself has a much rougher finish and often times includes jumps, rollers, and berms.

Mountain Bike Trail

Services-CFmtbContour Flow Trail

This is purpose-built singletrack for mountain bikes. It is a rhythm and flow oriented trail with a lot of undulation built into it through terra forming. This creates a roller coaster like experience, making it fun to go down and easy to climb up. Like traditional singletrack, it follows the contour of the land, has mellow grades, and is sustainable.

Services-GWmtbGateway Trail

A “Gateway Trail” is a designation coined by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). This trail is designed specifically for beginner level riders and is meant to be an introduction or “gateway” to mountain biking. The trail is ideal for urban areas and is often used in conjunction with greenways (concrete trail). The trail has a variety of built features that one may find in larger trail systems–a combination of rolling flowy sections with some alternate lines to varying technical trail features.

Services-AMmtbAll-Mountain Trail

This is an advanced technical singletrack trail with a variety of natural and sometimes man-made obstacles built into the trail. It bridges the gap between traditional “cross country” style of riding and “freeride” style. Features include rock gardens, ledges, drops, wooden bridges, log rides, etc… As with all trails, terrain typically dictates the feasibility of building this type of trail.

Services-DHmtbDownhill Trail

There are 2 primary subcategories: 1. Downhill Flow Trail – a smooth surface trail with rollers, berms, jumps, drops and some wood or stone features. Typically 4-8′ wide and ranges from beg.-exp. levels. 2. Technical Downhill Trail – a tighter more advanced trail with lots of technical features built into it, such as rock gardens, drops and steep sections. Both trail types are one-way downhill are accessed by shuttling or riding a return trail to the top.

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