Design, build, ride.

It seems that kids today have limited outdoor recreation options on the playground. We feel it is time to redefine recess–to reconnect kids with the outdoors, to encourage an active lifestyle, and to give this next generation a new opportunity when the bell rings. Our solution:  “The Progressive Playground”.

THE PROGRESSIVE PLAYGROUND is a series of purpose-built bike amenities designed with children in mind. They are meant to provide kids with an alternative form of recreation that challenges, builds skills, inspires confidence, fosters independence, and is simply a whole lot of fun. There are 3 components that make up the Progressive Playground; Pumptrack, Skills Course, & Gateway Trail.



A closed circuit track consisting of berms, rollers, and mounds that are spaced and shaped in such a way as to allow the rider to generate speed without pedaling. It is designed to be ridden in any direction. These tracks teach the most basic bike handling skills. We have dirt or modular options.


Skills Course

A Skills Course is an open flat area with a vareity of elevated features, such as ladder bridges or skinnys, designed to teach balance and technical bike handling skills. This along with the pumptrack are the core amenites that teach the most basic bike handling skills necessary to the sport.


Gateway Trail

This trail is designed specifically for beginner level riders and is meant to be an introduction or “gateway” to mountain biking. These types of trails have a unique natural flow by building undulation in the terrain and insloping corners to optimise the bike experience. The trails also has a variety of technical features such as log rides and boulder causeways.


2018 Progressive Trail Design