Design, build, ride.

A Bike Park is a purpose-built park for bikes. There are five key amenities, listed below, that make up a comprehensive bike park. A park can include all or just a few. Each amenity provides a different experience and builds a different skill set. When combined, they provide levels of progression which enables riders to advance at their own pace. The demand for these parks is growing rapidly. Our goal is to meet the demand by building unique, innovative, and sustainable progressive-based parks with risk management and maintenance in mind.


Slopestyle Courses

A rhythm and flow oriented downhill trail with a variety of man made features. The course is very similar to a “Downhill Flow Trail” in style, but differs in that it is typically a much shorter run in open smaller areas. Features include berms, rollers, jumps, drops and a variety of man made features, such as, wallrides or whales tails. Width of course ranges from 4-8′ and distance 200-3000′. Course difficulty levels include beginner, intermediate, and expert lines with the features increasing in size and technical challenge.



A closed circuit track consisting of berms, rollers, and mounds that are spaced and shaped in such a way as to allow the rider to generate speed without pedaling. It is designed to be ridden in any direction. PTD offers custom built dirt tracks.


Session Zones

A Session Zone is basically a “dirt jump park” with man made features built into it. It may also include other skills-building areas, like a drop zone. The Zone typically consists of 3 lines (beg, int, & exp). It is designed for riders of all levels to learn or to enjoy jumping their bike in a more controlled environment.


Skills Courses

A Skills Course is an open flat area with a variety of elevated features, such as ladder bridges or skinnys, designed to teach balance and technical bike handling skills. This along with the pumptrack are the core amenities that teach the most basic bike handling skills necessary to ride other amenities within the bike park.


Slalom Courses

There are 2 subcategories: 1. Dual Slalom & 2. Four-Cross. Both courses are short (1000-2000′) downhill courses with lots of rollers, jumps, drops, berms to navigate through. A Dual Slalom course is a downhill course with two identical tracks running parallel to each other. It is designed for head to head competition. A Four-Cross Course is one wide course, similar to a downhill BMX track. It is designed for 4 riders to compete.


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